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The Amalgamated Transit Union is the largest labor organization representing transit workers in the United States and Canada. Founded in 1892, the ATU, today, is comprised of over 190,000 members in over 270 local unions in 9 provinces and 46 states.  ATU members include bus, subway, light rail, and ferry operators, clerks, baggage handlers and mechanics in the urban transit, over-the-road, and school bus industries, as well as Para transit personnel, emergency medical technicians, clerical personnel, and municipal workers.

The Amalgamated Transit Union Local 508 has had the Privilege of serving it’s members for over 100 years. The Membership of Local 508 has given us the political power to improve working and social conditions.  After all these years, A.T.U. Local 508 continues to be a leader in developing safer working conditions, education programs and improved labour relations.

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